It has an area of 250,000 m2 within the borders of Beyceğiz village in Polatlı district of ANKARA, with a runway length of 1,200 m, Apron and Hangars, where single-engine and twin-engine aircraft weighing up to 5,700 kg can take off and land; It is ”Ankara’s first private air park”.

The past and future of Turkish civil aviation; Vecihi Hürkuş, the heroic aviator who bombed the enemy and made reconnaissance flights with his fighter plane for 4 days during the War of Independence. Turkey’s first aircraft Designer and Manufacturer. We commemorate Demirağ, the famous scientist Hazerfan Ahmet Çelebi, known as the first flying person in world history, and our valuable instructors who trained thousands of aviators at the Turkish Bird flight school established by Atatürk within THK in 1935.

Their work in the history and field of Turkish Aviation sheds light on us today. Turkey needs new Vecihi Hürkuş and Nuri Demirağ to revitalize the projects that these valuable people started and could not be completed for various reasons. As an association of all amateur and sportive aviators, we are trying to produce projects on this path that we have set out to contribute to the development of aviation in our country, together with our experienced aviator elders and visionary young minds, and with the support of our business people who are devoted to aviation.

Our goal is to lay the foundations for the development of aviation by building such air parks all over the country. These air parks will not only provide flight training to our young people in the field of aviation, but will also pave the way for them to produce projects.

Our business people will have the opportunity to travel practically with their own private planes. At the same time, social events can also be organized in these air parks. To achieve these goals, our state will allocate land through national real estate. I would like to state that we need the bureaucratic support of institutions such as DGCA, DHMI and Ministry of National Defense, and that financial opportunities should be provided to institutions that train people in the field of aviation and to students receiving training in this field.


”President of All Amateur and Sporting Aviators Association”